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Talk story with Tulsi Gabbard
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The real way to honor our troops

Please remember: To honor those who gave their lives or put their lives on the line for our country, we must never allow our leaders to again send our men and women in uniform into harm's way, unless as an absolute last resort to defend our national security and freedom.

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The problem with Big Tech "social media"

Big Tech “social media” companies make huge $$ while they destroy the social fabric of our society. It’s no surprise the lack of compassion, empathy, and respect on “social media” carries over to real life. If we ignore this erosion of spiritual values, it will only lead to more unhappiness and despair.

The dangerous precedent for whoever takes power next

By abusing our justice system and the rule of law to go after their political opponents, the Dem elite are not only sacrificing the foundation of our country and democracy for temporary political power, they’re setting an extremely dangerous precedent for whoever takes power next - they will not hesitate to do the same.

Biden: actions speak louder than words

President Biden, instead of telling us you're committed to democracy, show us:
1. End your efforts to get Trump off the ballot and let the American people decide who they want to be our next president
2. Stop demonizing half of the American people as extremists just because they're supporting your political opponent.
3. Apologize to the American people and stop all efforts to censor those who say things you don't want to hear.

2nd Amendment: Why our right to bear arms "shall not be infringed" — with Rep. Steve Scalise

Tulsi Gabbard tackles the second amendment and her history with gun rights. The former Hawaii Congresswoman and combat veteran explains what experiences caused her to rethink her previously held views. She discusses this and more with House Minority Whip, Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, as they recount the harrowing story of his attempted assassination in 2017 and arduous road to recovery. This emotional conversation delves into how that near-death experience reinforced Steve's views on the second amendment and strengthened his relationship with God.

2nd Amendment: Why our right to bear arms "shall not be infringed" — with Rep. Steve Scalise
WARNING: Our civil liberties are under attack - with Ron Paul | The Tulsi Gabbard Show

Tulsi Gabbard connects the dots between American wars and our loss of liberty. The 2020 presidential candidate shows how government weaponizes our own fears against us to pass anti-Constitutional bills like the Espionage Act and Patriot Act. Former Texas Congressman and Libertarian Presidential candidate Ron Paul joins the program to discuss the importance of civil liberties, how they've come under attack and what we must do to preserve them.

WARNING: Our civil liberties are under attack - with Ron Paul | The Tulsi Gabbard Show
Russia, Ukraine and Preventing Nuclear Holocaust with Jeffrey Sachs | The Tulsi Gabbard Show

Tulsi Gabbard reveals the sobering truth about the existential threat of facing a nuclear apocalypse. The former Hawaii Congresswoman who served on the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees exposes America's role in escalating this new Cold War with Russia. Tulsi is joined by world-renowned economics professor and foreign policy expert, Jeffrey Sachs, to discuss how we arrived at the doorstep of nuclear war and what the Biden administration has done to make matters worse.

Russia, Ukraine and Preventing Nuclear Holocaust with Jeffrey Sachs | The Tulsi Gabbard Show

I'm looking forward to reading Senator Rand Paul’s book. He was one of the few voices standing up against Dr. Fauci’s demand that we place our blind faith in him and the govt—something no freedom loving American should ever do. Join Senator Paul for a live online event today at 6pm EST to learn more about his book!

I, like Senator Paul, have been raising the alarm about the dangers of Gain of Function research—no matter where it's taking place, be it China, Ukraine, Africa, Asia, Centra America or the United States itself. Congress needs to make public information regarding all labs anywhere in the world that are being funded by the United States taxpayers.

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Our Final Salute
How to truly honor our fallen on Memorial Day and every day

Memorial Day is always a tough day. While the ads and signs say “Happy Memorial Day!” - for many of us who serve or have served, and Gold Star families, it’s not a happy day. It’s a day to remember our friends who are no longer with us. It’s a day where we think of our last memories with our friends who were killed in combat, thoughts of the loved ones they left behind, and reflection on the selfless sacrifice they made in service to our country.

In 2005, I was deployed to Iraq where I served in a medical unit. Every single day I was confronted with this high human cost of war.

We remember the day that we celebrated their lives, going through the final roll call, and deafening silence when their name was called with no response. We gave them one final salute to their empty boots, helmet, and rifle. 

As we gather at cemeteries and memorials all across the country where our heroes have been laid to rest, we are reminded of the very real, high cost of war, and who pays that price — never forgetting our brothers and sisters who still serve in harm’s way today.

That cost seen in the names on gravestones that we adorn with lei and American flags. The memories of our friends live on our hearts.

So nothing angers me more than to see the hypocrisy every Memorial Day coming from warmongering politicians and media “pundits” who feign respect, gratitude, and empathy for those who paid the ultimate price in service to our country, while simultaneously advocating for more military adventurism, the new Cold War and nuclear arms race.

They don’t seem to understand, appreciate or care about who pays the price for these unnecessary costly wars. They carelessly throw around possible numbers of casualties without recognizing every one of those 'numbers is a person, one of our fellow Americans — someone’s son or daughter, husband or wife, mom or dad.

They don’t know what it’s like to say goodbye to your family and loved ones, giving them one last hug and kiss goodbye, knowing that it could your last.

They don’t know the anxiety that these families live with every single day, every hour and minute, when their loved ones are serving abroad, praying for their safe return and dreading that phone call or knock at the door that could forever turn their world upside-down. 

During my first deployment to Iraq, I didn’t fully understand or appreciate the stress that my family went through. I was focused on my mission and doing my job. It wasn’t until I came home that it truly hit me.  

The plane landed at Hickam Air Force base in the dark pre-dawn hours. We stepped off the plane and walked down the steps to the tarmac, feeling the sweet Hawaii trade wind breezes, as the sky began to turn a beautiful array of pinks and oranges. It was so good to be home. We had our last formation, and the general called out, “Dismissed!" - releasing us after what had been a very long eighteen-month deployment. I ran toward my family, and into the arms of my dad first. As we held each other tight, my dad cried. I had never seen him cry before. It was at that moment that the weight of my service on their hearts became clear.

The way to honor our troops who sacrificed their lives for our country is to prevent unnecessary, costly wars which will result in the deaths of many more of our brothers and sisters in uniform.

While we shed tears, share stories, times of sadness and times of joy, thinking of our friends, celebrating the lives that they lived, let’s remember the purpose they chose for their lives, their strength, courage, and deep love for our country. Let’s make sure that today, and every day, we honor them. We make sure that they are never forgotten and that their sacrifice was not made in vain.

On this Memorial Day, and every day, may we remember those who gave all, and that war should only be waged as the very last resort to keep the American people safe and free.

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