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Talk story with Tulsi Gabbard
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It's simple: put our interests first

Democrat or Republican, we need leaders who actually respect and care about the American people and will put our interests before the interests of themselves or their political party. It's as simple as that.

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Govt institutions weaponized against political opponents

Our democracy is in grave danger. Government institutions - from DOJ, DHS to the IRS - are blatantly being weaponized against political opponents of those in power. Being punished by the state for dissenting or merely asking questions is the hallmark of a dictatorship.

This is not democracy

Regardless of how you feel about Trump, this FBI raid throws fuel on that fire of distrust and sets a dangerous precedent that reduces our government to being no better than a banana republic, where dictators see federal law enforcement as their own personal goon squad.

Kamala cries crocodile tears for Griner

Kamala Harris cries crocodile tears for Britney Griner’s marijuana possession prison sentence, but as AG she incarcerated thousands of people for marijuana possession, kept them in jail to use as slave labor, and laughed about her own marijuana use in college. Shameful hypocrisy.


Biden’s big spending bill takes $80B of OUR money to hire more IRS agents ... to take more of OUR money and snoop on what we share on Venmo/Cash apps. They're not going after the wealthy. They're coming for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and hardworking Americans.

Back in Hawaii and going live soon!

Aloha friends! I just got back from a few days on army duty at Ft Bragg and then the Young Americans for Liberty event in Orlando. It was so encouraging to meet over 1,000 college students excited and committed to the fight for our freedom and constitution. And great to meet a few of our Locals friends there as well!

I’ll be on Watters Prime Time tonight around 7:20pm EST if you’d like to tune in!

Hope you’re having a great day.

Esto no termina bien!!

More Bush crony business.

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