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Biden/elite continue to impoverish the world to protect so-called “democracy” in Ukraine

Biden/Harris and the bipartisan Washington elite continue to impoverish Americans & ppl around the world & risk nuclear war to “protect democracy, defeat autocracy” in Ukraine. But Ukraine’s president continues to prove democracy is dead in Ukraine by silencing dissenters taking control of the national media & implementing a “unified information policy,” locked up political opponents, and now is blacklisting & smearing Americans who dare to speak the truth. If the Washington elite continue to stoke the fires of this war, we all will pay the price.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Aloha my friends! We've had a lot of new people join us here in the last week, so wanted to take the opportunity to welcome them and catch up with all of you. I'll be going live here tomorrow, Sunday, at 3pm EST. Hope you can stop in and say hello!

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