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The bigger issue in Syria

I’m glad that some of my former colleagues in Congress are speaking out against the recent unconstitutional airstrikes in Syria - but they’re ignoring the bigger issue: the regime change war the US continues to wage in Syria using al-Qaeda/al-Nusra/HTS terrorists as our proxy ground force, who now occupy and control the city of Idlib, imposing Sharia Law and “cleansing” the area of most Christians and religious minorities.

The Biden Administration continues to use the US military to illegally occupy NE Syria to "take the oil" as Trump so crassly but honestly put it, violating international law.

A modern-day siege of draconian embargo/sanctions similar to what the Saudi-US alliance employed in Yemen is causing death & suffering for millions of innocent Syrians, depriving them of food, medicine, clean water, energy & warmth, and making it impossible for the Syrian people to try to rebuild their war-torn country.

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How do you stay in shape?

A lot of you have asked me to share what I do to exercise and stay healthy. Even before COVID, I was always on the road and had to find ways to exercise anywhere. I’m a big fan of HIIT workouts using just body weight and/or kettle bells. Here’s a sample of some upper body work!


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Time to hit the rack. Have a great evening, everyone, and I'll see ya tomorrow.

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