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Talk story with Tulsi Gabbard
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Freedom is not free.

Many have sacrificed greatly for our freedoms. Let us commit to coming together to protect our freedoms, understanding that we are ALL created equal, endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights - life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Sending you all my aloha and well wishes on our Independence Day!

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Let them say their final goodbyes

One of the saddest things about this pandemic is people are dying alone. Kudos to Castle Hospital for allowing patients’ loved ones to come say last goodbyes. Every hospital should follow this humane policy so long as visitors take precautions. Healthcare workers do it every day.


Our country is headed in the wrong direction

I was hoping that Biden would keep his promise to try to unite our country, but instead this admin has used race and identity politics to divide us, our freedom of speech and civil liberties are under assault, inflation is going through the roof, and we’ve got open borders.

How much is a little girl worth?

That’s a question
we should never have to ask
because the answer
should be threaded
through our society
It should be a fact
We take for granted
That we would never
leave her stranded
Or worse -
when she cries out, turn back
Just to protect those who attack her

Simone Biles
Aly Raisman
McKayla Maroney
Maggie Nichols
And hundreds of others

We are listening
Your testimony before the US Senate
was devastating and sickening

FBI agents were not only
derelict in their duty —
They chose to turn a blind eye
to Nassar’s abhorrent crimes

So I say —
To the men and women of the FBI
What perversion of justice
Within your own minds
Made you decide
Not to protect the innocent
Instead you put yourself on the line
To protect a rapist and a pedophile


When these girls cried for help
When they cried for justice
Your turned your backs
Because it was more important to you
To protect yourself
To protect the interests of the elite
To protect an establishment
That facilitated the abuse of young girls
For ...

Good morning ☕️❤️☀️🍁


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Very disturbing!

Is this about the Biden administration not wanting to upset China or is it about conflicts of interest?

'Peter Schweizer highlights the Biden family's alleged ties to China, reiterating there are 'financial conflicts of interest.'


7 hours ago
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